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Matt & Nicky’s wedding at The Fennes

It’s been a little while since I’ve been to The Fennes, so I was really looking forward to Matt & Nicky’s wedding, and while their day didn’t let me down, the weather wasn’t the greatest, but thankfully this didn’t bother Matt & Nicky who simply went with the flow and enjoyed their big day anyway.

Before the big day, I hadn’t had a chance to meet with Matt & Nicky, so it’s kind of like walking into the unknown, something I seem to do often, we’d spoken on the phone a few times so I was sure everything would be perfect, and it really was. Matt & Nicky are perfectly suited for each other, and super easy to get on with, though you can tell who’s the boss, haha.

A couple of small notes about their day, firstly, it was also Nicky’s birthday, which basically means if Matt ever forgets the anniversary he’s in for double trouble. And secondly as you look through the images below you might see one or two pegs during the wedding breakfast, this was an utterly brilliant game, the rules are simple, peg someone without them knowing, needless to say, their guests were up to the task, as everyone was pegged at some point including me. I’d love to see this game at more weddings, please.

Anyways, enough from me, enjoy Matt & Nicky’s wedding…