Project Description

Sam & Livy – Smeetham Hall Barns Wedding Photography // Essex

I freeking love Sam & Livy, such an amazing couple, it would have been impossible to not to enjoy this one.

The day started off miserable, raining, windy, and just damn cold. But somehow I knew there was more to this story. I met Livy at a salon in Sudbury just missing out of getting drenched myself, and from that moment on everything perked up.

The rest of the preps was down the road at the Mill Hotel, a lovely setting and great bridal suite. Never a dull moment, and I loved it when Livy sat down in her dress similar to a marshmallow, brilliant.

Everything else took place at Smeetham Hall Barn, a venue I always like to return to. During the ceremony Livy’s sister sang a lovely hart warming song, which almost had a few of the guest in tears.

I grateful for Sam & Livy braving the cold, not once but twice, as it really was bitter. Although without going the extra mile, we’d never have gone some cool shots.

As said, I love Sam & Livy. Just a brilliant day all round.