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Project Description

This was my 2017

Probably the hardest gallery to put together for any photographer is their end of year one. It’s truly an enormous task, looking back through 50+ weddings trying to pick out a small handful of images that bring back memories of what was, and no matter which ones you choose, there are always images you wish you’d added.

It can be fun though, seeing old images you’d forgotten you’ve taken, moments that would have been lost if I hadn’t of been there to capture them, it’s one reason why I love doing what I do – moments!

One thing really stands out for me more than anything else this year, and that is people want the little things captured. Yes taking a stunning shot with the Bride & Groom can be extremely rewarding, but capturing real people being themselves is far more rewarding, and those shots ultimately mean more.

Now 2018 is here, and it’s time for me to push forward, and do what I do best…¬†Shooting people.