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Jason & Renata РWedding Photography // CYPRUS # 1

I’m not sure how I should put into words just how much my first destination wedding mean’s to me, and this was only the champagne boat trip the day before !!!

This was the first time for me in Cyprus, a beautiful HOT country, that’s about as far to the east as you can get, without setting foot in the middle-east, whilst still in Europe. Naturally taking on a job like this poses some challenges, but if you know me, I love a challenge. My first challenge came long before I set of to the airport, and that was just what gear do I take, I mean, being a wedding photographer I need a certain amount of camera gear, not here, nothing fancy, this was simply me and my trusty camera.

I first met Jason & Renata last year after they’d enquired about me services for the second part of their wedding back home ( which I’ll be covering, and eagerly looking forward to catching up ). They said at the time they were getting married abroad, naturally I dropped into the conversation, “Oh, I would be happy to cover that” and left it there. Months later and here I am.

The champagne boat trip featured here was simply fantastic. At no moment did I feel like anything other than one of the guests, making it much easier to get in and snap away, plus Jason & Renata were perfect hosts, super easy to be around, and great fun.

Remember, this is only part 1… Keep your eyes open for the wedding day… All I have to say is WOW !!!