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Project Description

Jak & Fay’s wedding at All Manor of Events, Suffolk

When thinking back to Jak & Fay’s wedding the first thing that I think about is just how warm and friendly they are, I mean seriously they are two of the easiest going people around, which probably why they are so well suited for each other. Although when listening to their first date during the speeches ( if it could go wrong it did ), it really shows how much they must have liked each other at that point to reach the big day.

Both Jak & Fay’s preps started off at the same location, a stunning set of holiday cottages in rural Suffolk before heading over to All Manor of Events in Henley near Ipswich. The day was as perfect as anyone could have asked for, great people, lovely location and perfect weather.

I never like to drag out these sections and prefer the images to do all the talking.

Just a great day all round, and brilliant after party too.