Chris & Lindsey // Woodhall Manor2019-09-17T20:40:22+01:00

Project Description

Chris & Lindsey’s wedding at Woodhall Manor in Suffolk

Ok, hands down I love shooting at Woodhall Manor, it’s one of my personal favourite venues, it just has everything you’d want from a venue. So when Chris & Lindsey said that’s their venue it was music to my ears.

I’ll admit this was the first time I met Chris & Lindsey, so yes I was going in blind, sure we’d spoken a number of times before the big day, but apart from knowing Woodhall Manor I really didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t worried in the slightest, and once the formal introductions were done I knew the rest of the day was going to be awesome – and it was.

One of the first things I noticed is just how much Chris & Lindsey’s two children meant to them, and while being young they were just as involved in the day as anyone else, and I don’t think the day would have been the same without them.

The day was perfect, I loved it, their guests loved it, and most importantly Chris & Lindsey loved it too.