I’m a wedding photographer based in Sudbury Suffolk, but I’m guessing you already know this by now.

And yep, that’s me, Andy, the face behind the camera. I could bore you and explain my life story here, but for a change, I thought I’d simply list a few things about me.

  • YES I love photography – kinda obvious that one
  • I shot my first wedding back in August 2010
  • My wife says I spend way too much on camera gear ( I say too little )
  • When I have spare time I love to play video games ( XBOX one & PS4 )
  • My son is now taller than I am
  • Once while in Ireland, I played chicken with a chicken, and lost !!!
  • At one point I was in the Royal Navy
  • In my younger years, I was on the British team for Freestyle Wrestling ( Olympic style )
  • Chocolate is my Achilles heel
  • I love “the walking dead” TV show